Friday, October 4, 2013

Failure In Tests

 If you are reading this post, you have probably received a basic amount of education. Our life is full of tests where we need to showcase our potential. Exams begin right from when we are little kids writing the simple "A B C" or reciting a poetry. Its funny how we are judged on the basis of memory which is not a very right thing in my opinion.

  Say for example there is a class full of 50 students. The question that pops up in my head is how 50 different individuals, having different genes are judged on the basis of a single test. Each one of us is different and we have our own abilities. If you lie in the bottom half of your class academically, then you probably do not believe in memory based tests. Well fair enough, but this is important. Right now we do not have a system that can practically determine a person's ability. Failure in exams are a normal thing but luckily most of us get a second and a third try. We nee to make the most of this. Failure in exams doesn't just mean you have failed in your report card, it could even mean you haven't met personal goals. Let me tell you something, its fine! Its okay to fail sometimes. Look at it as "Hey now I know a way that doesn't work," so now you have increased your chances to pass, you surely wont do what you did last time. I dare you to make a little sacrifice. Keep that cellphone away while you're studying.

student college class school failed

 You need to first accept the fact that you have failed and say it to yourself that this time you are going to do your best. If you try hard and fail I can guarantee you satisfaction even if you fail, because then the situation changes. Now if you give your best and fail you would know deep inside that you tried your best and you can look at the person in the mirror in the eye. But you still failed so you now know you got to get better. Push yourself harder. It is difficult for some of us but we got to push that extra 30 mins or hour. For we are true men and women and god forbid but even if we fail, we fail with our pride intact.

Evaluate yourself, ask yourself what went wrong? and improve. Cut off T.V time and grab those books. Never loose hope my friend. Its never too late to start and neither is it too early. "Yes I fail, but now I wont!"